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Instructor’s Guide

The Psychology Department research pool exists so that students may gain first-hand experience with how research is conducted as well as contributing to the on-going research in the department. We appreciate that you are contributing to this effort.

Sona Systems makes management of students’ participation credits easy and direct. Researchers are able to assign credits or no-shows to participants directly and instructors are able to view this in real time.

The system allows registered students to browse currently approved participants, researchers are able to schedule and manage appointments with participants, and the system issues email reminders about upcoming experiments and appointments. Your instructor account allows you to monitor student progress throughout the semester.

To access the system, go to Instructors will have accounts set up by the research coordinator and temporary passwords will be issued via email. Please email [email protected] if you have trouble or need to set up an account.

You as an instructor can set up a student account by clicking the “Request Account” button and filling in the form. This will help you better describe the system, answer questions, and even verify any student concerns about the studies posted. 

Note: If you already have a researcher or instructor account, you should make the username for the student account (i.e., LakerID_Student) and enter your email as the alternate email.

Alternative to Participation in Research

As required by the Human Subject Committee and Office for Human Research Protections, students must be provided an alternative to participation in research. This is done at the discretion of the instructor; however, there are some guidelines provided in this document.

Introducing Students to the Participant Pool

There is a student manual that instructors are highly encouraged to provide to their students at the beginning of each semester. This details how students are to log into accounts, sign-up for studies, and monitor their own progress throughout the semester.

Accessing the Instructor Account

  1. Go to and log in with your instructor credentials.

  2. Click on “Course Reports” where you will see three options for each course you are teaching:

    • All Participants (Students)

    • Completed Participants (Students)

    • Incomplete Participants (Students)

      Note: Completed and Incomplete participant selections are only relevant if you have indicated a set number of hours that students MUST complete for course credit. If there is not a limit for your courses, you can ignore these two options.

  3. Clicking “All Participants” will display your class roster with columns.

    • “Overall Credits Earned” gives you the total number of credits each student has earned. If students are enrolled in multiple courses in Sona, when signing up for a study, students must choose one class to allocate that credit. Therefore, it is important for instructors to check the “Credits Earned for Course” option when calculating total course credits.

    • “Overall Unexcused No-Shows” tells you the number of unexcused no- shows (meaning the student failed to attend an appointment or experiment without notifying the researcher). Sona Systems is set up to block students from participating in studies after two no-shows. This means that students are no longer able to sign into the system and will need to speak with the instructor on how to proceed.

  4. Sona Systems allows you to print or save this information for future use.

    • Print: click “Display this Report in a Printer Friendly Layout”

    • Download: click, “Download this Report in CSV Format”