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Recent Incidents of Defacing University Property - Feb. 19, 2024

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Dear Members of the SUNY Oswego Community-

Late last week, two disturbing incidents of defacement of university property were reported, both pertaining to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. The first was a statement spray painted outside Tyler Hall; the second was the inappropriate hanging of a sign in the MCC. I have instructed our campus security to thoroughly investigate these incidents and seek to identify those responsible. Disciplinary measures will be initiated for those involved in these incidents.

I want to be clear and remind all members of the campus community that hate speech, or any speech that instills fear, has no place at SUNY Oswego. Such behavior is antithetical to our values of diversity, inclusion, and respect for differing viewpoints. Our campus is meant to be a safe and welcoming environment for all individuals, regardless of their background or beliefs. While we uphold the rights of freedom of speech and expression, acts of vandalism and hate speech not only undermine our campus environment but also deeply affect the sense of belonging and safety of our community members.

For more about our policies regarding free expression, please visit our Free Speech, Civil Discourse and Peaceful Assembly Policy page.

If you see defacement of university property or inappropriate messaging, please reach out to campus police at 315-312-5555 or via extension 5555 on a campus telephone.

Any suspected incident of bias should be reported to the SUNY Oswego Bias Prevention and Response Team using the online form or by contacting the Affirmative Action Officer or Human Resources. Any threats to safety should be reported to University Police immediately at 315-312-5555 or 5555 from any campus phone.

We must continue to work together to maintain a campus climate where all feel valued and respected.

Remain well,

Peter O. Nwosu, Ph.D.