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Health Promotion and Wellness Management

This degree prepares students for entry-level jobs in worksite wellness, health agencies, health promotion, personal training, and fitness. Students will have the flexibility to take the necessary prerequisite courses to attend graduate school for a variety of health professions. 

BS HPW Management

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Online Degree

Health Promotion and Wellness Management

Embarking on a health, promotion and wellness management journey is a smart decision given the optimistic and expanding career outlook in this field. With a multitude of opportunities available, from fitness-focused careers to corporate health and wellness planning. Health, promotion and wellness management offers a versatile and fulfilling path in the thriving wellness industry, allowing you to positively impact people’s health and well-being.

Online - BS HPW Management

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Graduate Programs

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Health Promotion and Behavioral Wellness Online

The increasing demand for wellness leaders proficient in technology underscores the significance of acquiring this skill to enhance employee well-being.

MS HPBW Online

Health and Wellness Advanced Certificate

This new graduate certificate is perfect for those needing professional development or considering a career change.

Graduate Certificate


Athletic Coaching

The Athletic Coaching Minor is designed for students who wish to coach in New York State secondary schools (grades 7-12). Coursework extends beyond the credits required for the New York State Temporary Coaching License.

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Temporary Coaching License

In order to apply for a NYS Temporary Coaching License you must register on the NYSED TEACH system and follow their instructions.

TEACH Online Services

Health Science

The Health Science Minor is designed to help students develop an awareness of the changing health problems in our society, investigate opportunities in health careers and explore preventive medicine philosophy embracing the concepts of early detection, screening, and referral.

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The Nutrition Minor offered by the Department of Health, Promotion and Wellness is designed to complement a major chosen by a student and/or for individuals who wish to establish self-improvement programs by gaining a basic understanding of nutritional sciences.  Students may find the Nutrition minor beneficial for broadening future employment and graduate school opportunities in the fields of Health Promotion, Wellness and Nutrition. 

The goal of the Nutrition Minor is to provide students in a variety of majors at SUNY Oswego with a strong foundation of the basic principles of nutritional science as they pertain to health and wellness across the lifespan.

Upon completion of the Nutrition Minor students will be able to:

  • Explain basic principles of human nutrition
  • Make sound decisions about food to enhance good health
  • Promote healthy and performance enhancing nutrition for special populations (athletes, diabetics, pregnant women)

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