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Race, Racism and Social Justice

Grand Challenges

The Grand Challenges initiative encourages our faculty, staff and students to delve into multidisciplinary investigation of problematic social and global issues. Grounded in shared goals, integrative skills and technologies, and an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving, the Grand Challenges Project reinforces the fact that today's solutions need to include many stakeholders across a spectrum of scholarship, creative activity and opinion.

Our Challenge: Race, Racism and Social Justice

Fall 2021 - Spring 2024
Beginning in fall 2021 and for the next three years – across all disciplines, departments and divisions – the SUNY Oswego campus community will deeply engage with multi-dimensional issues of the social construction of racial identities, complex systems of oppression and privilege, and societal transformation. This Grand Challenges effort will give Oswego students, faculty and staff a unique opportunity to address the impact that race, racism and social justice have across every aspect of our global community.

Mini Grant Application

All members of the faculty, professional staff and students who plan to work on Race, Racism and Social Justice topics in or out of the classroom are encouraged to submit an application. Students and student groups are particularly invited to submit an application; ask a faculty or staff member to serve as your Lead Applicant to fill out the application and support your project. The deadline for applications for Fall 2021 projects is rolling. The application is streamlined, easy to complete, and open to ideas for local, regional, and online approaches to the topic.

Award amount: The grants range from $50 to $350 and will support course assignments, collaborative work across disciplines, civic engagement and programming, group volunteerism, or applied learning projects that tackle race, racism and social justice issues. Please feel free to ask questions of the Grand Challenges Oversight Committee about any projects you plan to tackle by emailing  [email protected].

Mini Grant Application

Student Work

Solutions to Grand Challenges come together in a variety of ways — from scholarly research and essays to artistic interpretations and media coverage to how and what we teach in our schools and how we run our businesses. Our students' work is crucial to the success of our Grand Challenges project.

Student's exceptional work will be showcased on the Digital OZ website.

"Martin Luther King, Jr. urged us to 'be those creative dissenters who will call our beloved nation to a higher destiny ... to a new plateau of compassion, to a more noble expression of humanness.' So let us move forward ... as an inclusive and vibrant community of students and scholars, applying the powers of learning and knowledge toward finding solutions for the grand challenges of Race, Racism and Social Justice."


Kendra Cadogan, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
710 Culkin Hall

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