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Damian Schofield

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Director of Human Computer Interaction

Contact Information

429 Shineman Center
[email protected]
Damian Schofield's Website

I'm currently employed as the Director of the Human-Computer Interaction Masters level programs in the Computer Science Department at the State University of New York, based in Oswego. 

For the last few years I worked as Associate Professor of Computer Games and Digital Media, in the School of Creative Media at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. I also worked for a year as Director of Virtual Simulation undertaking consultancy for Laurentian University in Canada. Previous to this I was a lecturer in the prestigeous Mixed Reality Laboratory in the School of Computer Science and IT at the University of Nottingham in the UK.

I have been involved in developing virtual reconstructions and simulation technology for nearly 20 years. My research is principally concerned with representation and understanding of visual information in a range of commercial, industrial and legal environments. I have also been used as an expert witness in courts all over the world and have worked on many high profile cases.


I have been involved in research examining the use of digital evidence in courtrooms, particularly virtual reconstructions, for many years. Much of my academic research in the forensic area has concentrated on the investigation of the prejudicial effect of digital evidence, validation and verification procedures, admissibility of digital evidence and the mathematical uncertainty concerned with digital evidence.

This work has covered a wide range of forensic visualization from computational fluid dynamics models to blood spatter patterns at crime scenes, from road traffic accident reconstruction to post-mortem pathology visualization.

A significant amount of my research work is also based around developing virtual reality based training environments. I believe in the virtues of these interactive environments over some of the more traditional teaching and training methods. The interactive applications developed range from chemical plants to crime scenes and from office environments to driving simulators.

Special interests: 

  • forensic reconstruction
  • training/education using virtual simulators
  • human-computer interaction
  • facial reconstruction
  • biometrics
  • user perception of digital media
  • fire juggling


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