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Promote Events

If you have an upcoming on-campus or college-sponsored event, presentation, engagement, or activity that is open to the community, let us help you publicize it!


Prior to promoting your event, please follow the steps below. 

Request/Secure a space

If you have not already secured a space via the Events Management Office, review Locations in EMS to find available times and locations for your event. Then, fill out the appropriate Space Request form with the Events Management Office to request the space for  your event.

Note: Your reservation is not complete until you receive a confirmation email from the Events Management Office.

Please direct all questions regarding Space Reservations to:

Event Management Office, Department of Campus Life
135 Marano Campus Center
[email protected]

Check for your event

Search the Events Calendar to ensure the event has not been added already.

Submit your event

Use the button below to submit the event. Note: LakerApps users please use the “Login with Google” option.

Style Guide

Our publications use AP Style for writing. Please follow the examples below when submitting.

  • 7 p.m., not 7:00 PM
  • May 17, not May 17th
  • $6, not $6.00
  • N.Y., not NY

For more details please see our News Style Guide  


The best practices outlined below will help ensure your event submission is accurate, engaging, and meaningful to the campus community. Consider these points and offer potential attendees details that are concise yet interesting. 

  • Who: Name the speaker/guest of honor and the sponsor or host of the event, if applicable. Consider including any credentials the speaker holds from trusted organizations, awards they’ve received, and other presentations/works that could be familiar to the audience. 
  • What: Provide a clear title. Explain what the nature of the event is and what the audience can expect. For example, is it a lecture or a musical performance? Is it family-oriented or more appropriate for a mature audience?
  • Where: Provide the location and address of the event, including the full building name and room number, if applicable. For example, use Marano Campus Center, not MCC. Be specific to help avoid confusion for anyone unfamiliar with the venue or area.
  • When: Provide the date and time of the event. Note that for recurring/weekly events, you can submit once and add additional dates within one submission.
  • Why: Offer your potential audience a reason to attend. What will they gain/learn? How will it enrich or benefit them?
  • How: Explain how to register and/or purchase tickets, if applicable. Provide contact information for readers who may want more information.


  • The Events Calendar is only for events organized, hosted, sponsored or co-sponsored by SUNY Oswego offices, departments, schools, centers and institutes, student organizations and alumni relations office. Events may be open to the public or private events for SUNY Oswego faculty, staff, students and/or alumni.
  • SUNY Oswego will not accept event submissions from individuals or organizations from outside of the college, with the exception of conferences and other select events that have an internal sponsor or co-sponsor.
  • Events must be submitted by a calendar administrator or through the Submit an Event form. Events that do not meet the Events Calendar requirements may be sent back to the requestor for modifications or may be rejected. Personal events or solicitations are not permitted and will be rejected.
  • SUNY Oswego reserves the right to approve, reject or make special considerations for any event submitted to the calendar.