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Records Access

As part of the State University of New York, SUNY Oswego makes certain records available to the public in accordance with New York's Freedom of Information Law (Public Officers Law Article 6 §§ 84-90).

Student records are generally private and accessible only to the individual student and college employees whose duties require access. Students should contact the office that holds their records in order to request copies.

To access public records under Freedom of Information Law (FOIL), requests should include specific information about the records being sought, such as dates, titles or other information that will help locate them. Inquiries should be directed to the college's records access officer:

Becky Waters, Records Access Officer  
SUNY Oswego  
401B Culkin Hall  
Oswego, NY 13126  
[email protected]

The college will respond within five business days of receiving a request. The response may be a decision granting or denying the request. At minimum, the response will acknowledge receiving the request and provide an approximate date when the request will be granted or denied. Any request that is denied may be appealed to the FOIL Appeals Office in SUNY's System Administration; the appeals process will be described in the college's response.

For more information about New York's Freedom of Information Law, please visit the New York State Committee on Open Government.