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Tim Nekritz

Director of Communications

Contact Information

210B Culkin Hall
[email protected]

With over two decades at SUNY Oswego, Tim Nekritz has journeyed from Associate Director of Public Affairs to his current role as Director of News and Media. Renowned for his expertise in student storytelling, Tim's career has seen him speak at international conferences, contribute to industry publications, and evolve into a pivotal figure in the university's public relations narrative.

Tim's educational credentials are deeply rooted in the SUNY system. He earned a master's in history from SUNY Oswego, a bachelor's in communications from SUNY Brockport, and an associate degree in telecommunications from Cayuga Community College. His varied academic background fuels his storytelling and strategic communication skills.

Passionate about bringing the stories of SUNY Oswego to life, Tim leads a team dedicated to capturing and sharing the vibrant tales of the campus community. His work highlights the achievements, aspirations, and heart of the university.

Outside of the office, Tim's life is rich with music and community involvement. He is the founder and host of a Songwriters Circle, organizer of The Variety Show at Sterling Cidery, and a member of the local band The Condescenders, showcasing his musical talent and commitment to the local arts scene.

Tim is also the author of "Oswego's Public Library: A History," a testament to his interest in local history and academic roots. His multifaceted career at SUNY Oswego demonstrates a perfect blend of educational achievements, storytelling acumen, and community engagement.