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Nick Malchoff

Director of Marketing

Contact Information

206E Culkin Hall
[email protected]

Nick Malchoff, known for his strategic planning in digital marketing, has carved a notable path at SUNY Oswego. Starting as a creative coordinator and rising to Director of Marketing, Nick's journey is marked by a harmonious blend of artistic talent and technical expertise. His educational background, with degrees from Alfred State and SUNY Oswego, underpins his innovative approach.

In his pivotal role at SUNY Oswego, Nick masterfully aligns marketing strategies with the university's broader goals, showcasing his ability to maintain focus and clarity in dynamic settings. His leadership is characterized by a steadfast commitment to strategic objectives.

Beyond the campus, Nick's life is filled with diverse interests. He's an outdoor aficionado and a culinary enthusiast, often found exploring nature with his family or showcasing his prowess in local BBQ competitions.

Nick's blend of strategic marketing insights and personal passions makes him an invaluable asset to SUNY Oswego's future.