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Marybeth DeGroot

Creative Director

Contact Information

206 Culkin Hall
[email protected]

Marybeth DeGroot's career in design and communication is a testament to her evolving expertise and dedication. Beginning her journey as a pioneering graphic designer in Syracuse's printing industry, Marybeth's path led her to SUNY Oswego in 2011. Since then, her roles have progressively advanced, from graphic designer to her current position as Creative Director in 2023.

Marybeth's educational background is a blend of communications and graphic design. A SUNY Brockport alumna with a degree in communications, she further honed her design skills through courses at Rochester’s Visual Studies Workshop and Rochester Institute of Technology. This unique combination of journalism and graphic design has been pivotal in her approach to shaping SUNY Oswego's brand.

As Creative Director, Marybeth is the driving force behind the art direction and design of SUNY Oswego's print and digital materials. Her collaborative spirit extends across departments, significantly growing the college's brand awareness. Her role involves not just leading projects but weaving the essence of the university into every piece of work.

Outside her professional sphere, Marybeth balances her life as a mother of two sons with personal passions, including photography, hiking, and kayaking. Her love for the outdoors and visual storytelling complements her professional creativity, making her an integral part of SUNY Oswego's narrative.

Marybeth DeGroot's journey from a graphic designer in a printing company to the Creative Director at SUNY Oswego reflects her dynamic growth and her deep-seated passion for brand development and design.