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Monitoring & Responding

For the college's main official social media channels, the Office of Communications and Marketing—including members of our student social media team—regularly posts on, monitors and responds to any queries. If you have social media channels, you should check them a minimum of once per day, preferably more. Basic customer service rules apply: honest questions should be responded to promptly, courteously and with additional details such as links or contact information, if needed. Like anything on the web, not all comments may be friendly or on topic.

Our Facebook page comment guidelines read: “The discussion board is available for questions, often from those entering or considering Oswego... we hope to get you answers in a timely manner as you ponder joining our community. However, spam, blatantly commercial, obscene and/or denigrating messages are not welcome in this space and may be removed, as this page exists to serve a broader community.”

Remember that freedom of speech is valuable, although things like hate speech that can negatively impact a community are governed by your comment guidelines. So how does one handle posts or comments that fall outside basic question categories? As mentioned above, you want to post some kind of guidelines saying what you deem acceptable posts and what is unacceptable, including personal attacks, profanity, spam, etc. Below are some examples of what you may have to decide to address.