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Our Philosophy

We feel that children learn best through play. The opportunity to participate in creative play is often limited to the early years and our objective is to provide as many of these experiences as possible.

We are committed to enhancing the intellectual, emotional and social growth of each child in a secure and nurturing atmosphere. Our classroom environments and daily programs are designed to be stimulating, challenging and supportive of each child's needs, capabilities, and interests.

For details on our curriculum and classroom environment, see our curriculum page.

A young boy counting with coins

Our Goals

  • Provide a safe, happy place for children to play and learn
  • Foster social and emotional development
  • Instill a curiosity about learning
  • Encourage exploration and problem solving
  • Provide the framework for academic success in school by developing thinking, listening and communication skills
  • Help children master new skills, concepts and vocabulary
  • Teach school readiness skills in a fun, developmentally appropriate way that leaves children eager to learn