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Faculty and Staff

Department Staff

Administrative Assistant

Brenda Parkhurst

Laboratory/Field Technician

Liam Todd


headshot of Rachel Lee
Associate Professor, Geology, AGS Department Chair

Rachel Lee

Assistant Professor

Sarah Brehm

Visiting Assistant Professor

Amanda Campbell

394A Shineman
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Geology

Kevin Finerghty

headshot of Jon Fox
Visiting Scholar, Geology

Jon Fox

Assistant Professor

J.R. Slosson

241 Shineman
headshot of Paul Tomascak
Professor, Geology and Geochemistry
Associate Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Paul Tomascak

headshot of David Valentino
Professor, Geology

David Valentino


headshot of Katelyn Barber
Assistant Professor, Meteorology

Katelyn Barber

headshot of Steven Skubis
Assistant Professor-Meteorology

Steven Skubis

headshot of Scott Steiger
Professor of Meteorology
Director LESPaRC

Scott Steiger

headshot of Yonggang Wang
Assistant Professor, Meteorology

Yonggang Wang