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Registration Steps for Non-Current Students

Prior to registering for a summer or winter sessions course please determine that the course you are registering for will meet your program requirements. Your home institution might require you to complete an  “Off-Campus Approval Form” prior to registration.

How to Register


Create a non-matriculated myOswego account which will allow you register for classes. The Registrars Office will email you within two business days.  

The email will contain: 

  • nine digit SUNY Oswego student ID number 
  • link needed to activate your SUNY Oswego email & your Laker NetID

Use your LAKER NetID to login to MyOswego and register for classes.

Choose Current Students Login.

If necessary, in the registration area of your myOswego account, there is a “Prerequisite Waiver” box that you must complete and submit prior to registration. By submitting the Prerequisite Waiver, you are agreeing to provide proof of the prerequisite requirement if the professor requests it.


  • Create a graduate student account.
  • The Graduate Studies Office will contact you and assist with the registration process. 
  • Check your SUNY Oswego Email. Course information and your bill will be sent to this email account. 
  • Request an official transcript from the Registrar’s Office.