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Professional Certification

Getting The Certification You Need

Professional Certification is issued as the advanced-level certificate for classroom teachers and is in a specific subject or grade titles.

Career and Technical Education (All Grades), MSEd

This program prepares individuals to teach their occupational and career specialty in schools, colleges, industry and the private sector. Depending on the program area completed, this program can lead to NYS teacher certification. Specialty areas include Agricultural Education, Business and Marketing Education, Health Careers, and Trade and Technical education.


Curriculum and Instruction (Professional Certification), MSEd

Designed for those who already have an initial teaching certificate and want to deepen their knowledge of pedagogy and evidence-based practices in their respective certification area. Candidates completing this Master of Science in Education program and required years of teaching may apply for professional teaching certification from the New York State Department of Education.


Literacy Education (Grades B-12), MSEd

In this program, you will learn how to create meaningful, culturally relevant literacy experiences for all learners. This program provides opportunities to tutor in urban, suburban and rural schools, allowing you to develop proficiency in planning, assessment, diagnosis and intervention. You will learn pedagogically sound practices for early reading instruction, strategies for teaching reading comprehension at intermediate and secondary levels, as well as utilize discipline specific literature and media to engage learners Birth-Grade 12 in becoming successful readers.


Special Education (Grades 1-6 or 7-12), MSEd

This program focuses on developing your abilities to maximize learning for students with disabilities through specialized planning and instruction matched to individual learner characteristics. You will develop valuable collaboration and co-teaching competencies, as well as knowledge and experience using assistive technology tools to support learning. In this program, there is a specific focus on literacy instruction, and teaching and supporting a full range of students with disabilities.


Technology Education (All Grades), MSEd

Bring a deeper understanding of technology into schools to help students apply technological understanding and processes of the present and the future. SUNY Oswego’s technology education program helps students gain a strong foundation in teaching theory practice with meaningful extended student teaching experience.