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Total Solar Eclipse Events

For Friends and Families

Eclipse Related Events and Activities for the Community 

Join us at SUNY Oswego for family-friendly activities and a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Explore our picturesque campus and enjoy interactive workshops designed for all ages, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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View some of the areas where activities are being held on our interactive campus map by selecting one of the options below.

Guest Lecturers, Science Demonstrations

Book Display, Arts & Crafts

Art Exhibition

Saturday, April 6
STEM Community Day

  • shineman center & Rice Creek 
  • 2pm – 4PM

Oswego is excited to host the first annual STEM Community Day. Come engage with astronomers, biologists, chemists, computer scientists, engineers, environmental scientists, geologists, meteorologists, mathematicians, and physicists. Get a closer look at the instrumentation used by our staff and students. Interactive activities suitable for young children and adults will take place. 

Activities include: Doppler on Wheels radar truck tours, National Weather Service SKYWARN training, greenhouse tours, paint pouring, mineral kits, tectonic plate puzzles, earthquake demonstrations, bird banding, mood rings, eclipse demonstrations, cloud spotting, and more!

STEM Event Description

Monday, April 8
Rice Creek Observatory's Eclipse Experience

  • Rice Creek 
  • 9am – 4:35PM

The Rice Creek Observatory, in partnership with the Syracuse Astronomical Society, is opening its doors to the public for the total solar eclipse — a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Oswego, NY lies near the center of the path of totality, providing visitors with 2.5 hours of eclipse watching and a long totality experience of 3 minutes and 27 seconds. We invite you to join us for a day of learning, excitement, and fun, immersed in the beautiful surroundings of Rice Creek Field Station. Tickets are sold out.

Eclipse Experience

Monday, April 8
National Eclipse Ballooning Project

  • swetman field 8am - continued every hour until 5pm

Witness science in action as our student and faculty teams launch high-altitude balloons equipped with radiosondes during the total solar eclipse. Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the eclipse while supporting budding scientists and learning about atmospheric phenomena. Enjoy various outreach activities such as mask-making, telescope usage demonstrations, a white light binocular station, bracelet crafting with Baily's Beads, an eclipse photobooth, and presentations on heliophysics, animals, and cultural significance of solar eclipses. 

Read about NEBP Ballooning Event Details

monday, April 8
Eclipse Crafts and Books at the Penfield Library

  • penfield library 
  • 10am – 3PM

Join Penfield Library for our festivities celebrating the total eclipse! Activities will include pinhole viewer making, assorted crafts, a book display and an eclipse-themed photo station. Eclipse activities will be held in front of Penfield Library, weather permitting, or on the first floor.

Crafts Event Details

Monday, April 8
Planetarium Shows 

  • Shineman center 223 
  • noon – 12:45PM, 1pm – 1:45pm, 2pm – 2:45pm

Step into our newly upgraded planetarium and embark on an out-of-this-world journey! Join us for captivating presentations showcasing the wonders of the eclipse. Our knowledgeable presenters will guide you through an unforgettable educational experience that's as entertaining as it is enlightening. Bring your family and friends to explore the mysteries of the cosmos right here in our community at SUNY Oswego!

All planetarium shows are sold out.

Monday, April 8
Science Demonstrations

  • shineman center 106, 282, 285 
  • 11am – 3PM

Our Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Electrical and Computer Engineering departments are teaming up to bring you a thrilling day of exploration. Discover the captivating world of thermochromic materials with our Chemistry Department, where you can witness color-changing origami and disappearing ink. Engage with exciting physics demonstrations that promise to leave you in awe. Plus, don't miss the chance to see innovative projects crafted by our Electrical & Computing Engineering students, showcasing the practical applications of engineering. Join us for a day of hands-on activities and interactive displays that will spark your curiosity and inspire a love for science and technology!

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Recommended parking for guests will be in lot C-32, a student commuter lot. See interactive map for directions. 

Eclipse Glasses

Starting March 18th, pairs for the public are available for $2.00 each. Ensure glasses are ISO 12312-2 certified for proper eye protection.

Eclipse Facts & Stats

Experiencing a solar eclipse is an unique event. It unfolds in stages, with totality revealing the Sun's atmosphere.

A Note on Safety and Photography 

When observing a solar eclipse, it's crucial to safeguard your eyes with ISO 12312-2 certified eclipse glasses or a specialized solar filter, as regular sunglasses offer inadequate protection and could lead to severe eye damage or blindness. Additionally, shield your skin from extended sun exposure by applying sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, and donning a hat. When photographing the eclipse, ensure eye safety by using a camera equipped with a designated solar filter, capturing the Sun's corona only during totality.

Total Solar Eclipse

Learn about what is taking place at SUNY Oswego during the event.

Total Solar Eclipse