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Scholarly Publication Grant

SUNY Oswego supports the scholarly publication of materials by full-time faculty. Academic presses sometimes require authors to subsidize production costs of books and monographs. To partially offset the cost of scholarly publication the Provost may provide a subvention grant on a rolling basis for books. 

Grants may range up to $2,000 depending on need and provided the funded proposals meet the following criteria:

  • The book manuscript must be complete and formally accepted for publication by a scholarly press of national stature that is well regarded in the candidate’s specific field.
  • The publisher that accepts the book must externally referee the manuscript.
  • The book must be a single-author manuscript, a scholarly monograph or a collection of essays by the authors. Co-authored works would require an equal contribution from the co-author’s institution or some other external funding source.
  • Subvention requests must be made to the home department, approved by the chair and the dean before being forwarded to the Provost’s office for consideration.

The application for subvention support must include:

  1. A one page summary and description of the project
  2. A completed manuscript (in electronic form).
  3. A letter from the publisher indicating a formal acceptance of the work and a description of the publisher’s marketing plan for the book.
  4. Referees’ reviews or readers’ reports.
  5. Statement of expenses from the publisher requesting subvention.
  6. A current vita of the faculty member.
  7. Acknowledgement of support by institution.

The applicant must submit one copy of the work to Penfield Library upon publication.

In order to provide subvention, the publisher must provide the Federal tax identification number for the press. Subvention payment will be made after publication of the work.

Approved 11.16.12 

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