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Sabbatical Report Guidelines

As provided for in the Policies of the Board of Trustees, faculty must, upon their return “submit to the chief administrative officer of the college a report of [their] accomplishments while on sabbatical leave.”

Begin the report with a summary of your sabbatical plan and approved amendments thereto.  (If you have made changes in your sabbatical plan without proper authorization, explain the nature of the changes and why the office of the appropriate dean was not given prior notification.)  In the body of the report, you must provide as comprehensive, detailed and precise an account as possible of your itinerary, professional activities and accomplishments while on sabbatical leave.  Reports lacking in substance or detail will be returned for revision.

Address your report to the President and submit it to your department chairperson.  The latter will review it and make a recommendation in writing to the appropriate division dean as to its acceptability.  Finally, include a statement in the concluding section of your report to the effect that you did not receive a fellowship, grant-in-aid, or earned income beyond your sabbatical salary.  Those of you who were recipients of a fellowship, grant-in-aid, or additional earned income should include a statement to the effect that these were reported earlier and approved by the administration.  If you were the recipient of any of the above and you have yet to make a report to the administration, you must provide the details of such fellowships, grants-in-aid, or additional earned income at this time, and give an explanation as to why these were not reported earlier.  As provided for in the Policies, “Eligible employees on sabbatical leave may, with the prior approval of the chief administrative officer, accept fellowships, grants-in-aid, or earned income to assist in accomplishing the purposes of their leaves.  In such cases, the chief administrative officer may adjust the sabbatical leave salaries to reflect such income . . .”

Your report must be in the hands of your department chairperson no later than 30 days following the resumption of classes in the semester following your return from sabbatical leave.  The chairperson has 14 days to review the sabbatical report and forward it with his or her recommendation to the appropriate division dean.

The policy on sabbatical reports as enunciated in this memorandum is designed to address specific criticisms which have been made recently by State auditors concerning the University’s administration of sabbatical and other leaves.  This is a program which is of vital importance to members of the academic community; the best way to assure its continuation is to fulfill one’s commitments to the letter, including the obligation to submit a comprehensive report of one’s activities on time.

(PDF)sabbatical_proposal_application.pdf - includes cover sheet, application form, proposal directions, and evaluation worksheet.