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Academic Research Center Guidelines

The purposes of an academic research center may include coordinating efforts of faculty members working in similar fields; highlighting and applying academic strengths; publishing research, presenting workshops, and/or hosting conferences; attracting outside funding support for scholarly work; extending the reach of the classroom for faculty and students; building partnerships with external organizations; providing opportunities for scholars from other colleges and universities to connect with SUNY Oswego faculty to conduct collaborative research; and/or participating in professional development events.

Requirements of an Academic Research Center

In order to clarify the purposes of academic research centers at SUNY Oswego, the Provost's Council adopted the following set of principles for establishing and operating an academic research center.

  • fit Oswego's mission and complement its interdisciplinary strengths;
  • enhance the reputation of SUNY Oswego;
  • involve students as well as faculty and professional staff;
  • have a well-articulated mission;
  • be coordinated by a director and an appropriate organizational structure;
  • be self-sustaining over time through the generation of external revenues;
  • be accountable to the administration to which it will report on a regular basis;
  • be renewed every five years based on its success.

How to Propose a Research Center

Faculty members who wish to propose a center should first discuss the idea with the appropriate dean and/or provost.  With the administrator's encouragement, faculty members can proceed to develop a full proposal that will include:

  • a description of the mission and purposes of the proposed center;
  • the name of a probable director and a list of potential participants;
  • an outline of the proposed organizational structure;
  • a clear and viable process for seeking funding;
  • a description of initial resources secured and/or resource needs (if any) including space and equipment required;
  • a plan for assessing the organization's productivity.

The proposal will be submitted to the appropriate dean(s). The dean(s) will add a letter of recommendation to the provost or will return the proposal with suggestions to those who submitted it.  Final approval will come from the Provost after consultation with the dean(s) and the President.

For questions, please contact the Provost's Office.

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