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Rameen Mohammadi

Rameen Mohammadi

Associate Provost for Undergraduate and Special Programs

Contact Information

[email protected]

Rameen Mohammadi began his career at SUNY Oswego in 1985 and became the department chairman for Computer Science in 1996. He has been the Associate Provost for Undergraduate and Special Programs since January of 2007.

Rameen received his Bachelors degree from Framingham State College and Masters from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He then attended the PhD program at SUNY Binghamton while teaching at SUNY Oswego.

Rameen has publications in Computer Science and has had close to a million dollars in grants to support undergraduate education from the National Science Foundation and other external sources. He has been a part of the leadership for scoring of the Advanced Placement test in Computer Science as well as a consultant for College Board. He has chaired a conference on Hybrid Instruction with several publications in that area as well. He is a member of Phi Kappa Phil National Honor Society and the Association of Computing Machinery.

On campus, he serves in many significant leadership roles. He has brought in multiple systems to our campus, most recently Starfish and Curriculog. Starfish has enabled the campus to communicate across multiple stakeholders supporting every student’s success. Curriculog enables the campus in automating the management of course and program proposals. Rameen has introduced multiple updates to academic policies that support student success such as the introduction of Academic Probation category in academic standing. He is currently a member of the Faculty Assembly, the Engineering Advisory Board, Dean’s Council, Provost Council, and Registrar’s Council. He is an Ex officio member of Academic Policies Council, General Education Council, and Assessment Advisory Committee.