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Allison Goodrich

Team Member

Alison E. Goodrich, J.D., Ph.D. is Department Chair & Professor, Department of Education & Public Service at the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC).Dr. Goodrich has an extensive background in higher education and her experience includes having served as a full-time Faculty Member, a Department Chair, and an Associate Provost.

She has developed and managed several undergraduate and graduate-level academic degree programs, and she also has broad experience in the fields of short and long-term academic strategic planning, outcomes assessment, academic program review, and both program-specific and regional institutional accreditation.

Outside of the field of higher education, Dr. Goodrich has served in the Department of Justice’s Criminal Appellate Division, the U.S. District Court System, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Security, Intelligence, and Behavioral Analysis Divisions.

Dr. Goodrich holds a Bachelor of Arts in History, a Master of Arts in International Relations, a second Master of Arts in Political Science, a Juris Doctorate in Law, and a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice.