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University Archives

The University Archives contain materials that are about SUNY Oswego, from its founding to today. We have both physical and digital collections within the Archives.

Physical Collections

The majority of our collections are physical, but our online finding aids can help you get an idea of what can be found in those collections. Click on the name of the collection, then click the Contents tab to see what items are included in that collection.

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Online Collections

Collection Highlights

The Collection Highlights listed below focus on specific topics, and gather together both physical and online resources. 

Student & Institution Publications


Student Newspaper:

Student Literary & Art Magazine:


Faculty & staff publications

  • Display to Archives (1994-present)

    Display to Archives is an ongoing effort to collect, recognize, exhibit, and promote access to the creative and scholarly work of SUNY Oswego's faculty and professional staff.

  • SUNY Oswego Faculty and Staff Works in SOAR

    The SUNY Open Access Repository (SOAR) contains several publications from our faculty and staff.

  • OswegoDL

    The Oswego Digital Library (OswegoDL) also contains several publications from our faculty and staff.

  • Bits & Bytes (1997-2002)

    Bits & Bytes was a live, 30-minute, weekly TV show focused on technology. Shows included announcements, news, tips, interviews with campus community members, and more.


Material documenting times of pomp, circumstances, celebrations, and commemorations.