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Borrow Equipment

All of the library's equipment is available at the Check-Out & Reserves Desk on the first floor.

Guidelines for equipment use

For more information about our borrowing policies, see our Borrow & Renew page.

  • If there is a problem with the equipment you've checked out, please bring it to the Check-Out & Reserves Desk.
  • You are responsible for any damage that happens to the equipment while it is in your possession. In the case of unintentional damage, you will be charged a replacement fee. Intentional damage is also subject to disciplinary action, as outlined in the Student Handbook.
  • Laptops:
    • You can use the laptop anywhere in the library building—this includes spaces like the Lake Effect Café and the Writing Center. However, our laptops are not permitted outside of the building.
    • While most equipment cannot be renewed, laptops can be renewed once if no one is waiting to check one out.
    • Anything saved to the laptop will be erased when you log off.


Device Length of time for checkout
Laptops 3 hours
iPads 7 days
iPod touch 5s 7 days
Portable cassette player 7 days
VHS to digital converter 7 days
TI-89 graphing calculator Due at closing
TI-84+ graphing calculator Due at closing

Multimedia Creation

Device Length of checkout
Webcams 7 days
360 Degree Camera (manual for Ricoh Theta S) 7 days
DSLR cameras (manual for EOS Rebel T5) (manual for DMC-FZ70) 7 days
Digital camcorders (manual for Vixia HF M50) (manual for Vixia HF R62) 7 days
Full size tripods 7 days
iPod/iPhone microphones 7 days
Headsets with microphones Due at closing
Lavalier microphones 7 days
Microphones 7 days
Digital voice recorders 7 days
Wacom Drawing Tablet 7 days
Portable scanners 3 hours

Computer Accessories

Device Length of Checkout
Headphones Due at closing
Headphone splitters 3 hours
Computer mice Due at closing
Portable projectors Due at closing
Memory card readers Due at closing
DVD/RW drives 7 days
Wireless Keyboards 7 days

Chargers & Cables

TYPE Length of checkout
iPod/iPhone Lightning Charging Cables 3 hours
iPod/iPhone Lightning to USB Cables 3 hours
iPod/iPhone 30 pin to USB Cables 3 hours
USB-C Chargers 3 hours
USB Micro Wall Chargers 3 hours
USB Multi-Charge Cables 3 hours
USB to Mini USB Cables Due at closing
USB to Micro USB Cables Due at closing
MacBook Power Adapters (Chargers) 3 hours
Mac VGA Adapter Due at closing
Mac HDMI Adapters Due at closing
USB-C to USB / HDMI Adapter Due at closing

Tools & Kits

TYPE Length of checkout
Snap Circuits Kit 7 days
Makey Makey Kit 7 days
Arduino Starter Kit 7 days
Knitting Needles 7 days
Crochet Hooks 7 days
littleBits Circuits Kit 7 days
Mental Health Kits * 3 hours

* Mental health kits include a yoga kit, a biofeedback machine, a light therapy lamp, and more. See our catalog for a full list of our mental health kits.