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Mission, Vision, & Values

"We" is used throughout this page to refer to library personnel.

Please also see our alignment with SUNY Oswego's institutional priorities.

Mission Statement

We actively contribute to enhancing the intellectual growth, creativity, and well-being of our community. We recognize and respect the diverse and changing needs of our students, staff, and faculty; we shape our collections, services, and programs to empower our users.


We believe that people are the key to a vital and purposeful library. To that end:

  • We will excel at connecting people to a broad range of ideas and empowering them to be thoughtful users and creators of knowledge.
  • We will build and strengthen partnerships with the community in order to maximize opportunities for learning through creativity and innovation.
  • We will welcome and celebrate underrepresented voices in our community of personnel and users by showcasing them in our collections, services, and programs.
  • We will cultivate a welcoming and inclusive environment in all our physical and virtual spaces.


  1. Access - We make diverse resources available to the university community and beyond, including books, articles, technology, spaces, and people. We develop and maintain collections that reflect a variety of experiences and perspectives. We protect, preserve, celebrate, and expand access to the collections that are uniquely Oswego.
  2. Learning - We advance student learning and contribute to the educational mission of the university. We empower and encourage student inquiry through formal and informal instruction. We promote information literacy, specifically the ability to find, evaluate, and use information responsibly and ethically.
  3. Equity - We are a user-centered and respectful environment for all members of the university community and beyond. We are committed to celebrating diverse voices among our users, employees, community, and in our collections. We provide inclusive and equitable access to information and resources.
  4. Sustainability - We believe in transparency, forward-thinking stewardship, sharing resources, and leaving things better than the way we found them. We work to advance social, environmental, and economic sustainability at SUNY Oswego and in our communities.
  5. Collaboration - We actively engage and collaborate across the university community. We empower our community of learners and employees, and encourage participation and leadership from all. We believe that interdisciplinary and inclusive participation leads to greater success and knowledge creation.