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Equity Challenge: Wrap-Up

Thank you to everyone who took time out of their days to actively participate in SUNY Oswego’s first annual Equity Habit Building Challenge! Today’s challenge is to take time to reflect on your experience and information retained during the past 21 days. One of the most vital aspects of learning is taking time to reflect or being intentional about processing the lessons taught to you through your experiences. 


CELT’s Teach For Teaching podcast offers a series of informal discussions of innovative and effective practices in teaching and learning, often through the lens of equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

Curriculum and Instruction’s ongoing social justice blog, Whispering in Sheldon’s Ear offers a wide range of resources.

SUNY Oswego Health Services resource page for transgender students is updated regularly.

Penfield Library’s Anti-Racist Research Guide includes works  the library owns in print or is able to provide remote access for as well as online videos, eBooks, and literature highlighting discussions about racism.


Reflection and Response

What were some of your assumptions about race and racial, identity, and inequity before you started this challenge? In what ways have these assumptions been challenged? In what ways have they been reinforced?

Where have you seen evidence of inequities in your networks or community?

What two to three shifts, changes or actions can you take to create a more inclusive and equitable environment in your home, workplace, and community?