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Day 4: Implicit Bias

Welcome to Day 4 of the Oz Equity Challenge: Implicit Bias
Implicit bias, or unconscious bias, refers to attitudes and beliefs that occur outside of our conscious awareness and control. An implicit bias may be intertwined in a person's conscious beliefs without them realizing it.
Day 4 Resources
This short video from the New York Times on how bias shapes the way we think, talks about how implicit biases are thought processes that happen without us even knowing them.
KQED Public Radio identifies the five most common types of bias and shares a quiz to test your knowledge. There is also a lesson plan in case you want to offer this as an activity.

Pragya Agarwal, a behavioral and data scientist in the U.K, explains that our brains are built for bias in this quick listen from NPR’s Short Wave.

In this clip from Anderson Cooper 360, Dr. Margaret Beale Spencer, renowned child psychologist and University of Chicago researcher, recreates the groundbreaking “doll test” from the 1940s performed by Mamie and Kenneth Clark, a husband-and-wife team of Black psychologists who devoted their life’s work to understanding and helping heal children’s racial biases.

Day 4 Reflection and Response

Have you ever experienced bias?

What types of bias have you experienced?