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Day 16: Equity for People Who Identify as Latinx/e

The Latinx/e community is the largest ethnic group in America today and a major force contributing to reshaping the economic, social, and cultural fabric of our society. By understanding the diversity of the Latinx/e community, and learning to challenge racism and discrimination in our communities, we have the power to transform ourselves and the our peers along with us.


This webpage from the History Channel lists many milestones of the Latinx/e community since their arrival to the United States in the early 1500’s. It is important to know this information as The United States would not be what it is without the contributions and accomplishments of Latinx/e community. 

El Centro at University of Colorado offers an overview and resources related to the use of the tem Laninx/e.

Watch this video of Lissy Samantha Suazo, a teen from Big Sky, Montana, who is a part of a new generation of Latinx/e youth growing up in a state that has seen big Latinx growth. She talks about ways she helps the expanding Latinx community in Montana.

Reflection and Response

What is something new you learned about people who identify as Latinx/e? 

What are some ways you see the Latinx/e community represented in your communities?