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Day 1: Getting Started

We will provide daily content via videos, readings, and activities for participants to review and reflect on. You may choose which activities you want to  engage with to learn more about each daily topic. When you are done, you are invited to share your responses to the reflective questions provided to help process your thoughts and learning. 

  • Each day, registered participants will receive an email with a link to the day’s module and a link to share responses to related reflective prompts.
  • Each daily module will be posted to the Oz Equity Challenge page and archived as we go.
  • Each day, a link to the day’s module will be shared via Oswego Today.


We’ll start with something light. This short video reminds us that it’s easy to miss what you’re not looking for. Thank you for choosing to look and learn together with us.

Reflect and Respond

You must register for the challenge to record your answers to the following questions.

Respond to the following questions using a scale of 1-5, with 1 being Strongly Disagree, 3 being Agree, and 5 being Strongly Disagree.

  1. I am aware of resources to learn about identities different than my own.
  2. I have strategies to address my own biases.
  3. I feel equipped to interrupt microaggressions.

Provide a written response to the following question:

  • Why are you participating in the Oz Equity Challenge?