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Andrew Nearbin

Class of 2021Biology major

After graduating with his biology degree from Oswego, Nerbin will follow his life's passion and attend SUNY Fredonia to obtain his master’s degree in a program that studies the molecular forces behind cancer molecules.

“It has always been a life dream of mine to teach and conduct research,” Nearbin said. “I am one step closer to making my dream a reality.”

For Nearbin, obtaining his degree in biology means more to him than just receiving a diploma, because it is a field of study that will allow him to help people through extensive research projects and studies. Participating in the required labs on campus built Nearbin’s knowledge and willingness to tackle real-life challenges.


“I enjoyed being a biology major and participating in fun labs and conducting research that has real-world implications that can help better educate scientists on diseases that cause so much human suffering,” Nearbin said.


Nearbin expressed that his experiences here have given him the necessary courage to not only be himself, but to also use his voice to help others.

“Oswego prepared me for my future steps by giving me the courage to be myself, and to use my voice to help lift others up to their true potential,” Nearbin said. Some of his proudest moments include successful community service projects completed through his participation in various campus organizations.

The school has also been influential in teaching Nearbin the true meaning of teamwork, and showing him the benefits of what working together cohesively can bring.

“Oswego also taught me the wonders of hard work and dedication,” Nearbin said. “It has become clear to me that if I want something, I need to use my resources and network to get those things. Oswego has also taught me that working together as a team is an easier, more efficient way of getting to my goals.”