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Free database access for New York State residents

Due to vendor restrictions, we can only provide off-campus database access to our current students, faculty, and staff. However, there are a few libraries that offer access to databases at no cost to New York State residents!


NOVELny can be accessed:

  • Anywhere in New York state - without a login or password
  • Outside of New York state - if you have a NY driver's license, non-driver ID, or a library card from a public library in New York

Access NOVELny

New York Public Library (NYPL)

All New York residents over the age of 13 are eligible for a library card at the New York Public Library (located in New York City). (Use the link below to apply.)

With a NYPL library card, you can access many databases no matter your location. Their databases include access to ebooks and audiobooks as well as scholarly research.

Apply for a NYPL library card

New York State Library (NYSL)

All adult New York residents are eligible for a library card with the New York State Library. They also provide special library cards for state employees (both current and retired), attorneys, physicians, and historians.

Note: If you are a retired faculty or staff member from SUNY Oswego, make sure to look for the section for retired state employees on the application page! You are eligible for additional privileges, compared to the resident card.

Apply for a NYSL library card