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Display to Archives

What is Display to Archives?

Display to Archives is Penfield Library's ongoing effort to collect, recognize, exhibit, and promote access to the creative and scholarly work of SUNY Oswego's faculty and professional staff.

Faculty and professional staff donate copies of their recently published professional work, or the programs or reviews related to their recitals, exhibitions, theatre productions, or other creative activities. Donated materials are added to the University Archives, where they are available for student and researcher use. Faculty photos and citations are displayed on the library's first floor.

Each year a reception will be held to honor all participants.

How to Participate

To participate in Display to Archives, please send a PDF or physical copy of your work (or a program or review of your work, if appropriate) to either:

The deadline for inclusion each year is March 1st.

History of Display to Archives

Display to Archives began under President Stephen Weber in 1988 to recognize, exhibit, collect, and promote access to SUNY Oswego faculty's scholarly and creative work. The program's aim is to collect and make accessible the professional work of our faculty that meets the SUNY Board of Trustees' criteria for scholarly and creative work.

Though this program was initiated for faculty, staff also participate and add to the impressive range and depth of scholarly and creative work done at SUNY Oswego.


Below, you'll find lists of the scholarly and creative works submitted for that given year. Slideshows are available for some years.