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Returning to Campus

Before Arriving on Campus

Pre-Screen Daily 14 Days Prior to Arrival

  • All students coming to campus for any reason must pre-screen daily for travel history, COVID-19 history and COVID-19 symptoms beginning 14 days prior to arriving on campus for the spring 2021 semester.
  • The student pre-screening form can be found via the patient portal (under the COVID Status tab).

Timeline Examples

  • If you are an RA or student worker planning to return to campus on Jan. 21, you will need to begin filling out the daily pre-screen form Jan. 7, and continue to do so for the next 14 days.
  • If you are a residential student planning to return on January 24, you should begin your daily pre-screening on Sunday, January 10.
  • Off-campus students who will be coming to campus for classes, services and resources should begin their daily pre-screening 14 days prior to their scheduled COVID test on campus.

Quarantine for 7 Days Prior to Arrival

All students coming to campus for any reason must complete a seven-day precautionary quarantine prior to returning to campus. All SUNY Oswego students who are coming to campus must attest that they have quarantined for 7 days and agree to the Oswego ‘Spring Forward’ Pledge prior to baseline testing. Visit the Oswego Forward Pledge website to “take the pledge.”

Baseline COVID-19 Testing

  • Residential Students: All residential students are required to test on campus (at our Lee Hall Testing Center) before they are allowed to move into their residence halls. All residential students must be tested on or before Thursday, January 28, in order to receive test results before classes begin on Monday, Febuary 1, 2021.
  • Commuter Students: Off-campus students coming to campus for any reason are required to participate in Baseline COVID testing between January 21 and January 29. 
  • If you are unable to get tested on campus at our Lee Hall Testing Center, you must get tested elsewhere and submit documentation to our campus Health Services via the ‘Patient Portal’.
  • Check your email for specific instructions about scheduling a COVID-19 test and the testing process.
  • Questions about testing may be directed to [email protected]

Baseline testing Exemptions

Students who have tested positive for COVID-19 within 90 days of arrival are exempt from participating in campus testing, but must provide evidence of the positive test result to SUNY Oswego’s Health Services office at [email protected].

Residential Student Move-In

  • The deadline to sign up for a move-in slot was January 18, 2021. If you missed the deadline please call the Residence Life & Housing Office at 315-312-2246 on January 21 and 22 between 9 am - 4 pm for guidance. 
  • Students may move-in Sunday, January 24 – Thursday, January 28 between the hours of 9 am – 4 pm.
  • All residential students are required to test on campus (at our Lee Hall Testing Center) before they are allowed to move into their residence halls. 
  • Family and guests may accompany students during the move-in process the number of students and guests within the residence halls will be limited.
  • We expect all students and visitors to wear a face cover/mask throughout the check-in process, in the residence halls, and while on campus.

Move-in Days

  • First year, transfer and returning students will move in Sunday, January 24 – Thursday, January 28 between the hours of 9 am – 4 pm. The last move-in slot is from 3 pm – 4 pm.
  • Students will not be allowed to arrive after 4 pm as all students will need to be tested before they enter their residence halls.
  • Students that need to move-in after the stated move-in days and times (Jan 24-28) should contact Residence Life & Housing at [email protected] for additional instructions and support. 

Move-in Sign-up

  • Students can log in at and select the day and time for move-in. Please choose carefully as once you have selected a time; we are unable to change the time and day.
  • Further instructions to select a move-in time slot have been sent to residential student email addresses.
  • We realize that plans will change and that delays due to traffic, and events may impact the day and time that you have selected. We will do our best to work with students and families while ensuring the safety measures that we have in place.

Arriving on Campus

When students arrive on campus, they should make their way to Lee Hall for baseline COVID-19 testing.

  • Students arriving by car: you will be asked to park in lots 17 and 23 which are close to Lee Hall. Friends and family must wait in the car.
  • Students arriving by bus/Uber: you will be asked to leave your items in the MCC as you walk over to Lee Hall for baseline testing. Luggage storage will be available.

Baseline Covid-19 Testing Process

  • Students will need their cell phone and their campus ID to complete the registration process.
  • Prior to sample collection: Students will need to ensure that:
    • Within the past three hours, they have not brushed their teeth or used mouthwash.
    • Within the past 30 minutes that they have not eaten or drank anything, including mints, gum, or lozenges.
    • Ensure in the past 30 minutes that they have not smoked or used smokeless tobacco products

Residence Hall Check-in

  • Once students complete their test in Lee Hall, they will be sent to the Residence Life & Housing check-in tables.
  • Check-in will be contactless and we expect everyone to social distance.
  • Students will receive additional information and be checked into their room remotely.
  • Once checked in students will be allowed to head to their residence hall room.

Out-of-State and International Travelers

  • SUNY Oswego will proactively reach out to international and domestic students and employees who live outside of New York and out of the country to ascertain their arrival dates and quarantine schedule according to New York State’s Travel Advisory guidelines whether living on- or off-campus.
  • All individuals must attest that they have submitted the New York Traveler Health form, and follow the guidance of the governing local health department related to quarantine/isolation, testing and timing of returning to campus.