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Residential Housing and Dining


  • For more information on residential student move-in, check your email or refer to the Residential student move-in section on the Returning to Campus page.

Residence Hall 2021 COVID-19 Agreement

Students who reside on campus will be asked to affirm their understanding of the expectations for living in a residence hall. This agreement will include the following expectations:

  • You are expected to follow these guidelines as well as the Student Code of Conduct and Residence Hall Policies (as outlined in the Residence Life & Housing License) while living in campus housing. Additional and revised policies are stated below. Should you not strictly follow these directives, your housing agreement may be terminated immediately.
  • You MUST participate in campus surveillance testing for COVID-19, as determined and required throughout the semester.
  • You MUST limit your interactions with others and ALWAYS follow social distancing requirements set forth by NYS guidelines and wear an acceptable face covering when you are outside of your residence hall room.
  • You are expected to remain on campus to the fullest extent possible. When you attend class and are walking around campus, you must wear a mask and practice social distancing. If you travel away from campus out of the Central New York area, you must contact the Dean of Students at [email protected] and comply with any New York state quarantine requirements.
  • You are not permitted to enter residence halls/apartments other than your assigned living space. Students from other residence halls and off campus guests/visitors are not permitted to enter your residence hall.
  • Group gatherings will be restricted pursuant to NYS gathering guidelines, including hanging out in lounges or common areas.
  • If there is a directive to remain in your room for an extended period of time, you must comply. Be respectful of your fellow students, campus staff, and community members.

Residence Halls Health and Safety

  • Students must always wear a face covering while outside of their residence hall room.
  • Students must wear a face covering when they enter the residence hall and in public spaces such as the elevator, community bathrooms, lobbies, hallways, kitchens, laundry rooms, lounges and other public areas within the residence halls.
  • All community spaces in residence halls are reconfigured to enforce social distancing practices and expectations, including in the residence hall lounges, laundry rooms, desk operations and computer labs. Residence hall bathrooms, public spaces, laundry rooms and high contact areas have additional signage to set the expectations of social distance.
  • Laundry rooms have been reduced in size to accommodate three students at a time.
  • The furniture in lounges is labeled to highlight the expectations of one person per chair, spaced six feet apart, to stay within the social distance guidelines.
  • Each building has professional and student staff that will always be asked to help enforce our expectations for social distancing and the wearing of face coverings within the residence halls.
  • Lounge spaces in the nonquarantine and non-isolation room designated residence halls to be in use, but only at capacities determined to be safe per NYS guidelines.

Cleaning and Disinfection

  • The bathrooms, public spaces, laundry rooms and high contact areas are cleaned and disinfected every day.
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations have all been added to each residence hall.
  • Supplies will be provided for students to clean shared spaces before and after use as a secondary precaution.
  • Additional signage has been added in public spaces to encourage social distancing, face coverings and hand washing while in the residence halls always.

Residence Hall Access and Visitors

  • Access to residence halls has been restricted to the building in which the student lives.
  • Students that live outside of a building will not have access to that building. In the case where buildings are connected, access has been changed to limit the flow of students from one building to another.
  • Students may not have any visitors on campus at this time.

Special Housing Considerations

  • Special housing considerations for students who are immune-compromised or who have an underlying health condition will be made.
  • Students who inform Residence Life & Housing of their underlying health condition(s) may be placed in a single room or in a residence hall with the lowest density through the medical housing accommodation process.
  • Residence Life & Housing will work within its medical accommodation housing committee to ensure that students are reviewed so that they can be evaluated for additional support.


  • Dine-in begins February 1, view residential dining menus and hours.
  • Dining Halls are open for residential students and staff only.
  • All residential students and staff are permitted to use any dining center on campus, including Lakeside, Pathfinder, Littlepage and Cooper dining centers.
  • Both dine-in and takeout options will be available, not all meals will be served in all locations.
  • Retail “grab and go” food will be available for purchase by any student (commuter and residential) and employee at Lake Effect Cafe, Crossroads and Artville.
  • Dining Services (both retail and residential) will follow guidelines set by SUNY, CDC, and both local and state health departments to limit the spread of COVID-19.
  • All SUNY Oswego Retail Dining locations and campus bookstore locations will follow the same protocols as listed for Residential Dining.