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Policies and Compliance

It is important for each of us to take steps to minimize the risks, not only for ourselves, but for all members of the SUNY community.

When the campus learns of a violation of the rules associated with COVID-19 safety, students may lose access to campus facilities and/or campus housing. Other disciplinary actions may be taken by the Student Conduct and/or Human Resources Offices.

Student Conduct and Sanctions

Student conduct is governed by the campus Code of Conduct. Minimum sanctions are outlined in the Uniform Sanctioning in Response to COVID-19 Student Violations. Consistent with SUNY policy, students who are partially or completely removed from the institution due to a violation are not eligible for refunds. 

COVID-19 Testing Compliance

Failure to comply with COVID testing requirements will result in disciplinary action, including immediate measures that will restrict you from participating in classes or accessing the campus network, as well as denied card access to residence halls and dining centers.