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Campus Safety

General Information

  • All students, faculty members and staff must wear face coverings in accordance with CDC guidelines when they are with another person (other than when they are eating or drinking, or with their roommate).
  • Campus services will be adjusted to promote social distancing and preventative measures as much as possible
  • All students and employees coming to campus for any reason must be tested each week through campus surveillance testing. Learn more about surveillance testing at the Lee Hall COVID Testing Center.

Daily Screening

  • Any student or employee who comes to campus for any reason must complete a daily health screen before leaving their residence (on or off-campus).
  • This daily health screen will contain questions regarding COVID-19 symptoms, exposure to potential contacts that may or are confirmed to have COVID-19, and ask whether they have traveled to a NYS restricted state or internationally.
  • Students and employees will log into the daily health screen with their Laker NetID for identification.
  • Health screens will be dated and time-stamped to assist with tracking and tracing. To ensure that this health information remains protected, personal health data will not be stored.
  • The daily health screening questions will be updated accordingly as required by the CDC and/or per New York State guidelines.

Masks and Personal Protective Equipment

  • All students, faculty members and staff must wear face coverings in accordance with CDC guidelines when they are with another person (other than when they are eating or drinking, or with their roommate).
  • All new students, faculty and staff will be provided with two free cloth face coverings from SUNY Oswego before joining the campus community.
  • A supply of replacement face coverings will be maintained by the campus.
  • All students and employees will also be encouraged to provide their own face coverings to ensure they always have an adequate supply of clean face coverings to access.
  • SUNY Oswego will maintain a variety of personal protective equipment including face shields, masks, eye protection, rubber gloves, paper gowns, thermometers, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray and wipes, and paper towels.
  • Before students return to campus, SUNY Oswego’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) office will obtain and maintain a three-month supply of PPE.

Density and Social Distancing

  • To follow social distancing best practices we are continuing to provide an academic schedule that enables courses to meet through multiple modalities dictated by a variety of factors, including pedagogical need, flexibility of the course, and health and safety requirements.
  • We are following all New York State Executive Orders and employee union agreements to limit the number of employees on campus at a time by requiring only essential workers to report to campus to perform their job duties and, with prior approval and work plans in place, nonessential workers will continue to work remotely with flexibility until further notice.
  • The majority of social events will be held virtually.

Hygiene, Cleaning and Disinfection

  • Handwashing stations containing soap, water and paper towels, or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing 60% or more alcohol, are provided and maintained on campus at entry points and on each floor of every building. Disinfecting wipes or other disinfecting supplies are also made available.
  • All shared surfaces on campus are cleaned by facilities staff at least two times per day, and/or between use by individuals using the space (employees and students will be asked to clean their desks/work surfaces, if they are willing, before and after using with provided disinfectant and disposable towels).
  • As required by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and NYS Department of Health, cleaning logs are maintained on site in each facility. Cleaning logs document date, time and scope of cleaning.
  • Faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to clean their workstation at the beginning of every workday or shift. Cleaning supplies and instruction are provided to faculty and staff. Faculty and staff are also strongly encouraged to clean surfaces they use in the immediate area of their workstations, including conference areas.
  • Residence Halls will also follow enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols. Learn more on the Residential Living resource page.

Off-campus Facilities

  • The SUNY Oswego in Syracuse Campus Director works closely with the onsite Atrium Building manager to follow both the SUNY Oswego main campus restart protocols and the Atrium Building protocols set by Partnership Properties, Inc.
  • Rice Creek Field Station outdoor areas will continue to be open to all, however, access to the field station building is limited to faculty, staff and students, and follows campus protocols.
  • SUNY Oswego’s Office of Business and Community Relations (OBCR) occupies two offices in downtown Oswego in space owned by PathFinder Bank, and will follow SUNY Oswego main campus protocols.