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Academic Calendar

The spring 2021 academic calendar has been revised in effort to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure in the campus community. The College Calendar has more details and information regarding breaks, add/drop periods and withdrawal dates.

  • February 1: Classes begin
  • February 24: Wellness Day, no classes
  • March 23: Wellness Day, no classes
  • April 14: Quest
  • May 7: Last day of classes
  • May 10-14: Finals
  • May 15: Commencement

Spring Break and Holidays

Given the current risks associated with COVID-19 spread, spring break and any other spring holiday periods are not permitted, however, our planned Wellness Days are scheduled to provide students and faculty a break from coursework.

Course Instruction

  • SUNY Oswego will teach using multiple modalities: 25% of our lecture courses will be face-to-face, 25% hybrid, and 50% remote (combination of synchronous and asynchronous).
  • There will be a limited number of clinical, student teaching, and internship activities starting on Monday, January 25, 2021.
  • SUNY Oswego faculty have access to numerous resources and professional development opportunities to develop best practices for both face-to-face and remote instruction.
  • The Provost encourages regular communications with students (particularly for remote classes) to gauge student success, engagement in materials, and an overall check on progress.
  • Faculty are responsible for promptly and proactively engaging in substantive interaction with the student when needed.
  • Students are also strongly encouraged to reach out to their faculty with specific questions around course materials and assignments.
  • Faculty will have a plan to move to a remote/online modality if public health concerns dictate such a move.

International Students

Faculty will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate the needs of international students completing coursework from other time zones, including opportunities for asynchronous instruction, and other such flexibilities.

Academic Support Services

Most of our student support services will mainly be provided through a virtual environment and will practice social distancing should face-to-face meetings be necessary.

Technology Support for Students

Students having technology issues should contact the Campus Technology Services office at 315-312-3456 or visit the CTS website.

Tutoring and Writing Services

The Office of Learning Services will continue to provide tutoring services primarily remotely, but in some instances in-person, during this time.

Accessibility Resources

Students who wish to disclose covered disabilities and receive reasonable accommodations should contact the Office of Accessibility Resources at 315-312-3358 or [email protected]. SUNY Oswego will also work with faculty to provide the knowledge and skills to support remote learning of students with disabilities. Academic Deans will remind faculty members that the standard process for requesting academic accommodation will continue to apply, no matter the mode of instruction.


SUNY Oswego provides proactive and regularized advising interventions for all academic programs that prioritizes student success. Students should contact their advisors or the Advisement Center if they have questions. Advisors will also periodically be reaching out throughout the semester.

Penfield Library

Penfield Library will also follow the campus social distancing requirements. Like the classrooms, we will limit access to the library space, ensure social distancing within the spaces and deliver a large amount of our library services through both virtual and face-to-face means.

Classroom Safety

  • All students, faculty members and staff must wear face coverings in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Hygiene, Cleaning and Disinfection

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout buildings.
  • All shared surfaces on campus are cleaned by facilities staff at least two times per day.
  • Employees and students using instruction space will be asked to clean their desks/work surfaces, if they are willing, before and after using provided disinfectant and disposable towels.
  • Faculty and staff are also strongly encouraged to clean surfaces they use in the immediate area of their workstations, including conference areas.
  • A number of SUNY Oswego’s main campus laboratories are currently cleaned/disinfected by faculty, lab technicians and research students in order to maintain lab standards. We will continue in this way with appropriate training and guidance regarding disinfecting for COVID-19.

Classroom Density

  • We have examined and documented all classroom and lab space and determined the capacity for each room in order to promote social distancing.
  • Non-classroom spaces have been assessed for additional instructional capacity.
  • We have put in place guidelines for movement within buildings (one-way hallways, separate stairwells for going up and down, etc.)

Vulnerable Populations

  • Faculty who should avoid significant face-to-face interactions may teach their courses online, either synchronously or asynchronously.
  • We will attempt to accommodate students who have health concerns with face-to-face courses by putting them in available online classes (at all times face-to-face courses are able to be in session).
  • Faculty have designed face-to-face courses to enable students to participate remotely when students are quarantined or in isolation.