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Oswego Forward Pledge

SUNY Oswego acknowledges the vital role all members of our college community play in helping to protect the health and safety of each other. It is why we are asking you to agree to this Oswego ‘Spring Forward’ Pledge. Your agreement to this pledge will let us know that you are making a choice to be mindful of your actions and how they affect the lives of others. You play a critical role in helping to safeguard the health and safety of yourself and those in our greater community.

As a member of the SUNY Oswego community, I pledge:

  1. I completed a 7-day precautionary quarantine prior to returning to campus.

  2. I will complete SUNY Oswego’s online daily COVID-19 screening form before leaving my residence (on or off-campus) each day I intend to come to campus. Note: If I am not feeling well, I will self-quarantine, and I will seek care from health officials. If I ever test positive for COVID-19, I will immediately notify SUNY Oswego’s Student Health Services (if a student) or Human Resources (if an employee).

  3. I will wear a face covering when I am on campus and in the community that covers my nose and mouth except when I am alone, with a roommate, or while eating or drinking;

  4. Adhere to all state, local and college social distancing and group gathering guidelines, whether on- or off-campus;

  5. Wash my hands thoroughly and frequently with soap and water and/or use hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol base;

  6. Participate in baseline and surveillance campus testing as outlined in subsequent sections of this Plan.

  7. Isolate or quarantine as directed by SUNY Oswego’s Health Services office and/or the county health department where I reside.


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