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Leadership Oswego County CEU Credits

Continuing education units (CEUs) signify successful completion of non-credit programs and courses intended to improve the knowledge and skills of working adults. They are not awarded for academic study and do not represent/provide academic credit.

Leadership Oswego County participants will be awarded six continuing education units (CEUs) upon graduation. The typical CEU represents approximately ten contract hours in a structured continuing education setting (class, seminar, retreat, etc.) that is supervised by a qualified continuing education provider.

CEUs may be awarded for a variety of experiences in different settings whose only common criterion is that they must be measurable, supervised educational or training experiences with defined starting and ending points. The ongoing professional development provides major benefits that apply to more than just the workplace. Continuing education improves skills relating to collaboration, problem-solving, relationship building, all while helping people clarify and understand their professions and purposes on a deeper level.