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Cornell Cooperative Extension

Cornell Cooperative Extension

Friends of Leadership Award 2018

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oswego County (CCE Oswego) is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Oswego County. For over 100 years, since 1914, the organization has been providing Oswego County residents with research-based educational programming that positively impacts individuals, families, businesses and communities. Cornell University, New York’s Land Grant College, serves as the research and information source for our programming.

CCE Oswego provides "real world" educational programs in the subject areas of General Agriculture, Agriculture Economic Development, 4-H Youth Development, and Human Ecology (Nutrition, Health, and Safety Education) to people who live and work in Oswego County. Our efforts have a special emphasis for the positive impact CCE Oswego has on families. Through education we give people the opportunity to make meaningful decisions that will improve their lives.

In keeping with the mission of interpreting, disseminating and delivering research-based information directly to the people of Oswego County, educational programs are delivered to individuals and families in their homes, at schools, on their farms and within community forums. Interactions with people occur in settings that are most comfortable for them because research has clearly demonstrated that people take a special interest in learning when they have ownership in the process.  Having current information, mastering a skill or learning how to effectively deal with circumstances are some of the ways CCE Oswego supports people in their efforts toward self-improvement.