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It’s time to begin your own Oswego success story like generations of alumni before you. Our more than 92,000 alumni are successful, caring, involved citizens who are making an impact in their chosen fields and in communities around the globe. What’s your story?

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Visit to get a firsthand look at SUNY Oswego. Connect with students, faculty and counselors who can answer your questions and share in their own words why being a Laker is everything you imagine your college experience could be and so much more.

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With 7,000 undergraduate and graduate students, we are big enough to let you follow your dreams but small enough to give you the personal attention you deserve. As one of the first member institutions of the SUNY system, Oswego offers more than 140 majors, minors, cooperatives and pre-professional programs.

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When is the best time to apply? Apply to SUNY Oswego between November 7 and November 30 and Oswego will pay your application fee! One application puts you in consideration for both admission to SUNY Oswego and institutional scholarships to help you reach your goals. Last year, Oswego students received $9.6 million in institutional scholarships and awards.

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The location of the campus — right there on Lake Ontario — it’s stunning! You’re not going to find a more beautiful sunset...

“I knew I wanted to get into animal care — whether it be veterinary medicine or some other form of animal management — and SUNY Oswego was the clear choice for me”

“What’s special about SUNY Oswego is the teachers, it’s the family, it’s the opportunities and the connections that they have and how they truly make you feel that you can do anything.”

“Oswego gave me the opportunity to interact with lots of different people ... from all walks of life, all parts of the world. It gave me the chance to actually have a resume that was broader than just a GPA.”

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