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First-Year Residential Experience (FYRE)

First-year students who choose to live in Johnson Hall enjoy an enhanced residential experience.  Residents have the opportunity to take advantage of additional opportunities and resources offered in the hall that are meant to support residents in their transition to college life.  Students are encouraged to attend various programs and events in the hall that help build students' skills in a number of different areas including academic success, health & wellness, and career development.  The FYRE program is intentionally designed to correlate and support the student learning occurring in GST 104, the first-year seminar course that all first-year students living in Johnson Hall are required to take in their fall semester.  Johnson Hall residents are purposely placed in GST 104 sections with other Johnson Hall residents so that students have built-in study partners and are able to grow and develop together in a shared learning community.  

Students residing in Johnson Hall also may easily access additional professional staff support.  The Faculty-in-Residence has an office located right on the first floor and can assist students with any transitional challenges they may be experiencing.  The Faculty-in-Residence also facilitates various events in the hall meant to help introduce students to other faculty around campus.  Furthermore, Johnson Hall also houses the office of an Embedded Mental Health Counselor who regularly leads "Let's Talk" sessions open to any student who would like to engage in informal, walk-in consultations.

Lastly, Johnson Hall residents are able to move-in to their rooms one day earlier than all other first-year students.  By moving in one day earlier before the rest of the first-year class arrives, Johnson Hall residents get additional time to settle in on campus and experience a number of opportunities meant to help smooth their transition to SUNY Oswego.  This time will begin with a community dinner the first night on campus with just other Johnson Hall residents so that students are able to start meeting their neighbors and making friends.  The next day, residents will be able to take a tour to become more familiar with different campus locations (including where their classrooms are), have lunch with their first-year seminar instructor and peer success coach, and meet the Johnson Hall Faculty-in-Residence.  We also understand that students often experience mixed emotions and different challenges upon moving away from home for the first time therefore our Embedded Mental Health Counselor will also be available to help guide students through these common challenges.

The FYRE program is designed to support and encourage student learning and success through:

  • early access to resources and more time to connect with other Johnson Hall students by moving in one day earlier than other first-year students (required).
  • shared first-year seminar course, GST 104, with other Johnson Hall residents (required).
  • easy access and connection to additional professional staff, a Faculty-in-Residence & an Embedded Mental Health Counselor, located in Johnson Hall.
  • programming and events specifically designed on topics most relevant to first-year students.