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Tiffany Peña

Graduate Assistant

Tiffany Peña (she/her/hers) is a current graduate student in the School Counseling, M.S. program at SUNY Oswego. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Human Development from SUNY Oswego in May of 2020. As an undergraduate student, Tiffany held leadership roles in various student organizations, such as SUNY Oswego’s Women’s Center, Two and a Half, and the Latino Student Union. She also served as a Resident Assistant in Cayuga Hall for three years. In Spring 2020, Tiffany joined the then Office of Diversity and Inclusion as the first Diversity and Inclusion Intern. In this role, she was able to develop her dedication to advocating for all underrepresented communities. Now Tiffany serves as the Program Manager for the Oz Grand Challenges Academy, a grant-funded college immersion experience for NYC-based rising juniors and seniors. After she graduates, Tiffany is planning to work as a school counselor where she will be able to aid in helping K-12 students’ build fundamental academic, career development, and social/emotional skills.