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4+1 Pathways

SUNY Oswego offers 4+1 pathways to earn both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree over a five year time frame. Students who identify these interests early will receive guided advisement throughout their undergraduate years that can save them time and money.

Why 4+1 Pathways?

Excellent Funding Opportunities

SUNY Oswego offers more than $500,000 in funding through graduate assistantships, scholarships and fellowships helping to make graduate education easier and more affordable than ever.

Bachelor Plus

Eligible undergraduates can take up to six credits of graduate coursework for graduate credit, during their last semester, at undergraduate prices.

Graduate Application Fee Waiver

For current students that meet with the graduate admissions counselor, the graduate application fee will be waived ($65).

Guided Advisement and Support

Students will receive specialized advisement as soon as they indicate interest in any of our five-year programs and 4+1 pathways guaranteeing them support through the process.



Pathway to » M.S.

Biomedical and Health Informatics

This program allows students from any undergraduate program to pursue the master’s degree. Graduates of this master’s program will be prepared to analyze, design, and utilize today’s advanced information technology to create more efficient and effective healthcare environments.

Pathway to » M.B.A.

Business Administration

This program allows students majoring in business administration or students from any undergraduate major but also minoring in business administration the opportunity to complete their M.B.A. in one additional year of study at SUNY Oswego. 


After completing their undergraduate degree in Chemistry, students in this pathway immediately enroll in the MBA program for one year (summer and winter session classes are included). Both on-campus and online options are available.

Pathway to » M.A.

Human-Computer Interaction

Students from all majors are welcome to pursue the master’s in human-computer interaction. This program integrates concepts and methods from computer science, psychology, graphic design, and the social sciences culminating in user-centered tactics used to design and evaluate websites, mobile apps, computer games and software.

Pathway to » M.A.

Strategic Communication

Students from all majors are welcome to pursue the master’s in strategic communication. This program examines communication strategies across social media, health, and organizational contexts.

Pathway to » Education

M.S.T. - Initial Certification

This program is for students that did not major in education but wish to pursue teaching as a career and leads to initial certification. Students from a variety of undergraduate programs can seamlessly transition into the M.S.T. program upon completion of their bachelor’s degree. Pre-admission advisement done as early as junior year will aid in ensuring prerequisites are met.

M.S.Ed. - Professional Certification

This program is for students majoring in education who wish to obtain their master’s degree in curriculum and instruction.

M.S.Ed. - Special Education

For students majoring in education, this option allows them to stay for a one-year Master’s in special education. At the completion of the five years they will have teacher certification in both their general education (childhood or adolescence), along with special education.

M.S.Ed. - Technology Education

Undergraduate students in technology education can complete their master’s requirement for professional certification with one additional year at SUNY Oswego. This program will give students a deeper understanding of technology and how to help apply technical understanding in the classroom.

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